Important Notice   Safety and hygiene protocol

HauSuites Operational Protocols During Coronavirus


  • Frequent cleaning and sanitization of the reception areas
  • Social distancing (1.5 meters)
  • Frequent handwashing
  • Strict use of facemask and hand sanitizer
  • Personal protective equipment for the cleaning staff
  • We prevent the service staff from working with respiratory symptoms
  • Reduction in the inventory of Suites rentals
  • Suspension of the gym
  • Visits to the suites are not allowed, deliveries and services like Uber Eats or Rapid only in the Lobby
  • Control of the use of elevators, up to 2 people per use
  • Frequent disinfection of electronic cards and reception material



  • Isolation of guests and medical service in case of suspecting symptoms
  • Deep cleaning and disinfection in the Suites right after every guest leaves
  • Rigorous sanitization of the suites according to health protocols with certified cleaning products
  • Doors, drawers, closets and furniture grips
  • Lights and lamps switches
  • Bathrooms, seats and showers
  • Telephones, remote controls
  • Surfaces of tables and desks
  • Bedding washing and disinfection
  • Strict cleaning program for mini split AC units
  • Strict cleaning and sanitization of the service articles and preparation of food in the kitchenette



  • Strict cleaning and sanitization of the frequent service areas
  • Use of sanitization mat
  • Diners are arranged and seated with correct social distancing
  • Use of hand sanitizer upon diner’s arrival
  • Protection of cutlery
  • Single-serving food
  • Application of schedules by turn



  • Deep sanitization of common areas of the entire condo, lobby and elevators every two hours
  • Limitation of the number of people in the space
  • Cleaning protocols in common areas
  • We have hand sanitizer dispenser in the lobby



The maintenance of the mini split AC Units in every suite, with the cleaning and change of filters guaranteeing the quality of the germ-free air, is intensifying and we’ll carry out the next service shortening its frequency.

May 2020.